The Cyber Security Challenge

Businesses are attacked and breached every day. Businesses are just not aware of how exposed they are. Risk acceptance of any vulnerability is becoming increasingly dangerous.

You need tools that can rapidly shield these vulnerabilities and a cyber security team that is as skilled, organised and persistent as your adversary.

Cyber security is more than just a business issue, we believe protection is a basic necessity.

On discovering a vulnerability, shield first to buy the time to fix and patch.

Traditionally the fix and patch cycle is too long to keep up with the ever evolving risks.

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Shielding your vulnerabilities

The complex nature of Web-Apps, API’s and legacy systems makes updates and fixes often slow & expensive to action. With the average time for an attacker to exploit a vulnerability quoted as 5 days, the traditional software methodology of discover, fix, test and deploy is too time consuming.

So how do you compete with nimble motivated hackers?

With RedShield that’s how!

Shield first then remediate.

Our Solution

RedShield is a world first "cyber security with-a-service" offering that shields & protects web applications.

To better understand RedShield, take the example of one of our existing customers. A CISO of a major corporate had the problem of having 100 browser based applications running the data in his organisation. Of these apps half of them were on the internet as the primary website, customer portal, partner portal, APIs for mobile apps etc. The other half were internal only, but were still “web-apps” that processed bookings, payments, HR, finance etc.

Following a full security audit, it was revealed that 80% of the apps had security flaws. The business didn’t have the skilled staff on board to fix the problems for multiple reasons; many of the apps were old, 10 of the apps were inherited from an acquisition 18 months prior so there was little knowledge of who developed or owned them, a further number were developed by 3rd parties so they would have to fix the apps.

The CISO was faced with the situation of having 80 apps that could not immediately be fixed but were vulnerable to hackers today. That was a big risk that needed to be mitigated as soon as possible.

Fortunately the CISO discovered RedShield. For all internet facing apps the DNS (global address records) was updated to tell the world that RedShield is the business’ internet front-door and all traffic now comes through us. For all internal apps we rapidly deployed a virtual RedShield node inside the datacentres.

Next the CISO securely provided us all of the failed penetration tests, audits & vulnerability scans. This is where Redshield is globally unique and targets 100% vulnerability remediation.

Hours later 80% of the security flaws had vanished. Days later the next 10% of issues vanished. Weeks later all apps appeared 100% secure against all issues. All without the business touching a single line of code or updating any back-end apps.

That's what "getting shielded" feels like.

Then, without hiring a single extra FTE our global team of cyber-security experts keep monitoring attacks on the business, tuning shields, managing false positives and ensuring the once vulnerable apps are continually being checked and shielded against new and emerging threats 24x7.

That's what "staying shielded" feels like.

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Shield First. Then Remediate.